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    Inside GabiFresh’s Retro Swimsuit Wonderland

    GabiFresh's retro-themed swimsuit collection is back to dominate pools and beaches alike in 2019.

    Reformation Launches Plus Sizes – Again

    Sustainable fashion darling Reformation has launched their second attempt at plus sizes, Fashionista reports. The brand's first plus...

    “Every Body” Marketing Is A Scam

    The latest fashion trend is faux inclusivity, aka brands claiming they offer clothing for "every body". Spoiler alert: these brands are lying to you.

    What It’s Like To Shop In Old Navy’s New Plus Size Department

    Old Navy recently announced that they were bringing plus sizes back to stores, so I took a closer look.

    Target’s New Size Inclusive Brand Fills The Void That Delia*s Left Behind

    Wild Fable is for everyone who was left out of the Delia*s catalog the first time around

    There’s A New Affordable Plus Size Brand In Town

    Soncy is an exciting new brand in sizes 10-30