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    35 In Bloom

    For my 35th birthday this year, my mom and I enjoyed a week of adventures that included a visit to the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art for their Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit.

    Reflecting back on the emotional struggles of my 30th birthday, for my 35th I am in a completely different place than I could have ever foreseen. Outside of the life changes, I have also been pushing myself to embrace a lot of things that I typically don’t about my body lately, like sharing photos taken while sitting down, from the side, or from behind (like in the photo below).

    ELOQUII Elbow Sleeve Fit & Flare Dress

    My relationship with my body has always been difficult, due in large part to PCOS that went untreated largely until 2016. It always felt like something that I didn’t have control over, much like the size of my feet, and to some extent that is still true, though now on the other side of finding collaborative doctors and endometrial cancer, I am in more control now than ever.

    As with my 30th birthday, there is an overwhelming feeling that I should have arrived at an indeterminate destination by now, but it’s less overwhelming, sort of like a loud noise that’s been locked in a closet. It’s still there, but I’ve built so much between 2013 and 2018 that the sound can’t reach me with the same intensity.

    ELOQUII Elbow Sleeve Fit & Flare Dress Details

    It feels appropriate that the Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit, filled with some of her most iconic work and pieces inspired by the spirit of her art, was part of my birthday celebration. My love of florals is well documented, so when I chose what to wear for this trip, I wanted to wear something that was bright, but wouldn’t clash with her stunning florals.

    I’ve always thought of myself as a late bloomer who is trying to find her way and although a common thread ran through O’Keeffe’s work, her subjects were as diverse as my interests.  Her work has inspired me not only for its beauty but for the breadth of her catalog and the enduring nature of her career. Life doesn’t stop after 30 (or even 35), no matter how much we foolishly believe it does, and our careers are only limited by our determination. 

    Onward and upward!

    ELOQUII Fit & Flare Elbow Sleeve Dress

    Outfit details

    Dress: ELOQUII Elbow Sleeve Fit & Flare Dress (via Gwynnie Bee)

    Sneakers: Converse

    Earrings: Sorrelli Cushion-Cut Solitaire Earrings in Clear Crystal

    Lipstick: Pat Mcgrath LuxeTrance in Psycho Candy

    Rose gold cat eye glasses: Warby Parker in Louise Metal

    Scarf: Zara (very similar)

    Clutch: It was gifted to me several years ago, but sadly I can’t remember where it was from!

    Try Gwynnie Bee free for 30 days. They have added more items in sizes 30 & 32, as well as adding items starting at size 0See all the looks I’ve worn from Gwynnie Bee here.

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