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    Customized Prom Dresses For Almost Every Body

    Picture me, 17 years old and 6’2″ tall, searching for a size 18 prom dresses on a poorly lit sales floor in a Dillard’s department store. I’ve been involved in car accidents during severe weather that was less terrifying than this moment. Eventually, my mom and I agreed on a lavender sleeveless A-line dress from the clearance rack that was “fine”, like most of my wardrobe.

    The closer the days inched on the calendar to prom, the more nervous I became. I was constantly made fun of in high school for my clothes and prom felt like A LOT of pressure. By the time the big day came, I almost stayed home, but fortunately, I had a great group of friends who helped me pull it together. Although I didn’t have the opportunity to order something customized for my size, height, and style, I’m overjoyed that teens today have a few retailers to choose from when shopping for custom plus size prom dresses and shoes.

    If you were hoping for photos of me in my perfectly fine prom dress, I’m sorry to disappoint you. I can’t even look at the pictures in photo albums without an overwhelming rush of humiliation. Hopefully ordering a custom dress (and shoes!) will help you to avoid feeling the same. No matter your size, 0-36w, there’s a dress for you, and how often do we get to say that?


    eShakti Sweetheart Neck Chiffon Maxi Dress
    Sweetheart Neck Chiffon Maxi Dress $84.95

    I’ve always had a soft spot for eShakti. Their pieces are available universally in sizes 0-36W, plus they offer customization in every aspect from measurements, height, length, strap size, sleeve length, neckline, pockets, and more so that every piece truly feels like it was made for you. Their prom category currently features 11 items that are more on the traditional side, but they also have great jumpsuits and skirts that could help you stand out for the right reasons.

    They have also added a new Fabric Customization category that allows you to pick the silhouette of one dress and the fabric of another to create the combination of your dreams. The options are currently limited, but I do hope they are able to expand this service sitewide.

    Shoes of Prey

    Shoes of Prey Lima
    Shoes of Prey Lima, $149

    I’ve secretly never related to a celebrity more than I did when Kristen Stewart wore Converse sneakers on the red carpet. The fashion blogger in me was aghast, but seeing her brought back memories of how much I wished that I could have worn sneakers or any other “practical shoe” to prom because finding options in a size 11 felt next to impossible. Thankfully today we have Shoes of Prey and no one ever has to feel like that again.

    Shoes of Prey offers customizable shoes of all types available in sizes 2-15 in narrow, wide, and extra wide widths. The Lima, pictured above, can be customized to have a heel height of 2.2″, 2.8″, or 3.9″ in addition to a variety of toe shapes. There’s also an assortment of metallic fabric options, including colored sequins, metallic leather, and vegan leather, so I encourage you to pick a style and open the customizer to mix & match your way to footwear happiness.

    Shoes of Prey Custom Rose Gold Flats
    Customized Artesia in rose gold, $129

    Shoes of Prey Como 100
    Shoes of Prey Como 100, $149

    Fame and Partners

    Fame and Partners The Palmer Two Piece
    The Palmer Two Piece, $199

    Fame and Partners offers a similar service to eShakti with a smaller size range and more elevated designs. Although their styles are only available in 0-22 and for heights between 4’10” & 6’4″, they offer far more fabric & color choices. Their customization options are more style specific, such as elongating a crop top or widening straps, for a more personalized design. And, as you might expect, there’s also a great selection of jumpsuits.

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